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advisor to president clinton and a strategy on capitol hill. long time gay right's advocate who has served on the boards of several leading gay rights organization. today he sat on a milken mannel on disversety in business. you have a long resume, but it means that you are a guy with a lot of experience in institutionalized racism. we do not know if this was sterling on that audio recording. we do know lots of people say sterling has a replication of being a big got and racist. >> and it sounds like him. >> which i think is a little odd being the owner of an nba team, since there are a lot of african-americans involved in, and are fans of the nba. how should businesses deal with outrageous things like this? >> it's a big challenge. business leaders said that we have to speak out very fast and aggressively when something like this happens, and the league needs to send an message. this guy is not an employ he's the owner. so it's a little more difficult. but the league can take swift action. they are bar him from games and say this kind of conduct is not acceptable for a league owner. and it
, or democrat hillary clinton. the financial executives consider clinton a familiar face given her time as a new york senator and has relatively not raid views on taxation and vg regulation. a top lawyer told pollitt coe if it turns out to be jed versus hilary, we'd love that: . >> a nightmare for wall street, that's what supporters of paul cruz and warren say they love about their candidates. >>> the new york publishing world are joiging act -- joining activists comparing elizabeth warren and hillary clinton. warren's title is aspirational. hinting at a world where power is shared equally. hillary clinton has a book called "hard choices", convoying a world in which the ideal and conservative clash and progress slow. prague matrix versus idea yolism welcome to the battle for the 2016 democratic presidential nomination. >> in the 2014 midterm election. there are a lot of ads featuring candidates shooting or carrying guns. john stone is running a campaign add that goes a step further. watch. >> my forefather used a canon like this to fight the british in savannah and win us a constitution. as the
," by the way. the europeans are weak knees when it is tough. the u.s. had to do something, bill clinton had to do something. when push comes to shove, they will not do anything, so we have to do it. why do we have to bear the pain because of it. >> it has gotten cool in russia to find your name on the list. it is meaning you are wealthy and you are in. this is nothing. i agree. but what can you really do? >> a lot of money is leaving that area. neil: so you are hoping this continues. >> there market was up today after the announcement. >> there is no room for squishy feelings. quite frankly -- neil: making maggie thatcher look good. can you imagine her as president of the united states. double parked, you are executed. i am thinking ebenezer scrooge, but that is just me. toyota telling the workers i hope you like texas, i hope you like heat, i hope you like big bugs, but obviously latest company announcing moving the operations headquarters to texas. here we go. >> we compete for big hair. you have tons of taxes, tons of regulations. why wouldn't you move? you're putting everybody closer to
lives were not important. remember with bill clinton, it's a private matter let's not talk about people's sexual preferences. why is this on full display? contraception. our sex lives is front and center. they are going after every aspect of your life. it's a total progressivism. a front of the first amendment. this is what they stand for and they reveal the worst side of themselves. >> he was orphaned when he was 13. his dad left his mom two weeks before she died. he went to georgetown. he passes on a bipartisan basis pension reform and then he decides to dedicate his life for public service and run for office. what i ask is what sort of quality are they fighting for if not the kind of success that he achieved? >> they certainly should be, this is a rogue group of liberal democratsr democrats who have no right to do. how about the right? >> i'm not going to try to turn into this something about the right. >> i'm asking you specifically are there any conservative groups in that district who have attacked him one way or another? >> yes, and i point that out. that it hasn't been universal
governor jed bush, chris christie, or democrat hillary clinton. the financial executives consider hillary clinton a familiar face, and has relatively moderate views on taxation and financial regulation. a top wall street lawyer told "poll it quo. ". : >> a might mare for wall street. supporters say that is why they like the candidates so much. meantime the new york publishing world is joining democratic activists in comparing hillary clinton and elizabeth warren. senator warren promised "a fighting chance", hinting at the world as it might be. clinton's book has the title "hard choices." her title conveys a world in which the ideal clashes and progress can be fright nippingly slow -- frighteningly slow. prague matrix versus ideaism. >> in the 2013 primaries, there's a lot of ads featuring candidates carrying or shootings. john stone is running a campaign ad that goes a step further. watch. gungun. >> my forefather used a canon like this to fight the british and the savannah and win the constitution. i'm willing to do the same as the only licensed dealer. >> in case the british are coming
president clinton. he also represented the late marge schott when baseball forced her out as the owner of the cincinnati reds years ago after she was accused of racism. it will be very interesting to hear how mr. bennett feels this will all come to an end a little bit later. >> that's right. >> let's show you the markets, shall we. >> as we mentioned, the dow is up, bill, 23 points. this is index that still hasn't reclined its high, december 31st the end of last year is when he had the close high. had an intraday high. >> like a team that can't hold the lead. up 100 points on the open, and we see where it is right now. nasdaq, that's the big loser today. momentum stocks to blame. >> once again, the story there hasn't changed, it seems, in the last couple of weeks and the s&p 500 index, off two points to 1861, and we're looking at a more defensive tone to this market as we enter the final hour. >> a lot to talk about with our closing bell exchange. peter, give us some of the hits, runs and the errors here today. >> yes. >> once again the dow is higher on the open and then it fades into
, and ended two marriages, and was hitting president clinton at the time for his own infidelities. why is it, though, because there are so many stories like this, that we continue to get great advice from people that can't seem to take their own advice? >> i think it's just way too easy to become an inspirational icon in america, and newt gingrich is a prime example of that. he kind of put himself out as this moral leader, and he said he was, and everyone believed him. then he just fueled on itself, and there's just example after example from our culture of these people that were not good people. >> so, zach, let's talk about lance armstrong. i was until recently a huge fan. i read his -- >> my condolences. >> i read it's not about the bike. really i got a lot personally out of it. found it really inspirational, really moeshational. you have a quote from him in the book. he says winning is about heart. it's got to be in the right place. which just feels so weird and wrong hearing it come from lance armstrong, but, you know, he did have this sort of dogged determination that people really fou
of the more people it will get for him and russia's economy. >> how might president clinton then retaliate -- putin then retaliate? >> that is the wild card because russia can italian in serious ways. we know about the dependence of europeans on russian gas and energy. precious metals and cyber warfare that they could do. expected to match the u.s. moves and an equal level, and they could keep it coming up a for a couple of more years. thank you for joining us on the latest between the russia and the ukraine and the u.s. tom bill sachs book to my colleague about the long-overdue need for immigration reform. >> the reality is we are not doing as much as we could in -- because we simply do not have the hands to do so. it will help to reduce the deficit, it will ensure social security, it is long overdue. >> our agriculture correspondent joins me now from washington. good secretary vilsack seem at all optimistic about the chances for legislation? --he was deathly definitely upbeat about the chances this year. necessity, a a coalition coalescing around this bill, and some of the forces that ha
the brunt of the storms. former president bill clinton weighed in on the destruction saying my thoughts and prayers are with the families and communities in arkansas oklahoma and iowa. the clean up is expected to be lengthy. for more information, just go to right now, let me bring in cnn meteorologist jennifer gray. she has been covering the severe weather. more tornado watches right now. is that correct? >> yeah. more watches and these are huge. this one in particular right here from southern tennessee through portions of alabama and through mississippi including jackson, this is considered a particularly dangerous situation. they don't issue those very often and when they do you know we could have a very, very large threat of large tornados and they could be long-lived. a new tornado watch has just been issued for portions of eastern tennessee. this watch will be in effect until 9:00 central time for tonight. we also have tornado warnings in effect. this is for mississippi as well. these are moving to the northeast. they will be crossing i-55 in just a couple of minute
.s. policy in the region. he served under secretary of state clinton as deputy assistant secretary of state, where she was central to organizing the u.s. government's response to the arab spring's. of -- the author of "how israelis and crossinians negotiate, a troll analysis of the peace process." director of -- at the washington institute. an expert on arab and islamic apologists as well as u.s. middle east policy, he has written and spoken widely on the arab israeli peace process, and the need to revamp u.s. public diplomacy in the middle east. he is the author and editor of therous books, including battle of ideas on the war on terror. abrams, senior federal for middle eastern studies -- senior fellow for middle eastern studies. he held several important positions, including deputy assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser where he supervised u.s. policy in the middle east. also an assistant secretary of state in the reagan administration and was the author of four books, including undue process, security and the bush, and administration and the israeli-palestinian
and why republicans may actually be rooting for hillary clinton in 2016. we're going to explain that coming up. ♪ latte or au lait? cozy or cool? "meow" or "woof"? exactly the way you want it ... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the all-new sleep number classic series. designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. starting at just $699.99 for a queen mattress. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that. find your sleep number setting only at a sleep number store. know better sleep with sleep number. melissa: to a different type of court. los angeles clippers owner donald sterling is it under investigation noll following his alleged racist remarks. fox news's william la jeunesse. has more. this is the clippers bottom line. >> this team was never been worth more after record-setting season after four big sponsors pull out, carmax, state farm, virgin america, kia, dropping multimillion-dollar sponsorships just today. carma
for the first time. >>> also, why would wall street secretly like hillary clinton for president? we're going to debate that when we come back. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. was a truly amazing day.ey, [ bottle ] ensure®. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today at hey kevin...still eating chalk for hearburn? yea. try alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heart burn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. alka-seltzer fruit chews. enjoy the relief! >>> welcome back to "the real story." >>> crews hunting for signs of that malaysian airlines plane ending all air searches today instead focusing now on efforts underwater. a u.s. navy robotic subcame up empty
and freed by president clinton. i knew what to whom. a special ceremony has been held at the chernobyl memorial in kiev to mark the twentieth anniversary of the world's worst dictators else the various ticket receipts and it's intriguing and interesting blogs only to chino and that she ought to direct the ukrainian orthodox church the speckled tensions with russia. they sure look prettier more tomorrow the silk road to study art. i have no doubt that we will win in his confrontation with against russia. well i know it cause we are on the side of truth million dollars and horses. we of the team's progression when we caved on uk weapons known as a peace loving country. and we have been attacked by karen told the moolah snowfall goal. but the issue head on the chernobyl accident occurred and creepy at the maple twenty six nineteen eighty six and the ukrainians will inform the days on the extent that is asked of one misguided and withheld information. thousands of people died as result the results to abandoning will continue to suffer health problems due to the new kid pulled out from the
would wall street like hillary clinton for president? and chasing storms quickly turned to saving lives all at the top of the hour. >> medical technician in a georgia hospital gets jail time after falsifying mammogram results. rachel admits she signed off on 1300 reports. and ten of those women had cancer. >> and the technician said she had personal issues and stopped caring about her job. the judge ordered her six months behind bars and ten years probagdz and cannot work in the health care field. >> a kick off for the over the weekend. cvc uses it to emphasize the promotion for vaccine. and outbreaks of preventible diseases have surface. associated press reported that illinois saw 65 cases of pumps this year and measles affected many and making it the biggest outbreak. there are 26 cases of a pollio like area in california. the anti- vaccine movement remains strong despite jenny mccarthy who questioned the validity of the of the vaccine is backing off her tough stance? joining me is dr. manny alvavez who is member of our medical a team and we'll do our best to tackle as much as we can.
the affordable care act, 8 million people signing up, and at the same time in another state, chelsea clinton is doing an event and tells people that she is pregnant. and then people are buzzing, what does this mean for 2016? probably nothing, but it means that people are already looking ahead. that is a problem exercising power abroad. it is a challenge that he needs to look at ahead. guest: it is a challenge being named a lame duck, so early in the second term, but the truth is he has not been able to get much done in congress. if power shifts to republicans in the senate, he does not have that one chamber to wooster his priorities, so it will be very interesting, as we said before, to see how the white house works y completelyiall control republican congress. i read earlier that he may start to worry too much and give away the store, the issues that they care about. hard to predict at this point, but definitely tricky for the white house, in that they still have two and a half years of governing and they are not able to get much of his agenda done. guest: and the republicans know this. if
elizabeth warren could take on hillary clinton in 2016. who also has not committed to running just yet. and despite her denials, side stepping of questions like this won't help end the chatter. >> is she your candidate in 2016? >> all the women, democratic women, i should say, of the senate urged hillary clinton to run. i hope she does. >> you hope she does and if she does, she's your candidate? >> hillary is terrific. >> then why not endorse her if she's so terrific? >> i really hope they would both run. it would be interesting and very divisive for the left. a lot of members, when i talked to people on the far left in media, even, they're rooting for elizabeth warren. i think it would be gret to see the far left and elizabeth warren rallies against connections with wall street. hillary has a lot of connections with wall street. she's a real supposed ally of the middle class of the little guy so you're sort of battling the every day woman, elizabeth warren, versus hillary clinton who many view like an elitist in many circles. >> what do you, the man on the panel, think of a female ver
to the point where she was challenging hillary clinton in 2016, i think there would be a big change as media enforcers decided they would really want to put their chips on hillary and not warren. >> the book is called "a fighting chance." do you think the media is in the tank for her? >> no. i think she's got a book out doing press. george stephanopolous challenged her on the consumer protection board. it was not a softball interview as conservatives would like to believe. it's her moment because she has a book out. let's not forget how she was attacked incest -- incessantally for claiming she was a partial indian. george stephanopolous didn't challenge her on something that would make the republican party look better. obviously she'll be the target of conservatives as she gets press on her new book. >> that 1/32 claim, that was want true. >> she was attacked. she wasn't given a free ride about that. >> that was then. that was then. >> i'm sorry. she hasn't been attacked in the last 10 minutes. i'm sorry. >> do you think she'll run for president? >> no. but i think she'll be a good vice pres
messing around with another potential disaster? aging plants, even hillary clinton and attorney general cuomo said they need to be shut down. they are near asked if -- active earthquake fault. people can hardly get out of town in rush hour. >> you talk about the left-right alliance. i am nothing left here. and therepublicans, former chief of staff for obama, started this lobbying agency. you might give it to the point of militarism? >> a lot of these coalitions are funded by the nuclear industry themselves. corporate, liberal convergence with conservative for years. that is what has driven this country into the ground. corporate liberals like the clintons and conservatives like john boehner, etc. the militarism part is another invitation for an emerging left-rigth alliance. barney frank, left, and ron libertarian, got together to develop a caucus against aborted military budget and the militarism that comes with it. that is an example of a far larger number of left-right convergence is being repressed by their leadership. it has other corporate campaign cash incentives in mind. what we
and covered president clinton, congress, president bush. i had never really at all thought about serving inside of an administration. certainly not as a job. but as you will find, life happens and serendipity occurs. and shortly after the election in 2008, the day after, a close friend of mine who had been working on the foreign policy deal under clinton and had been working on senate foreign relations committee as a top staffer, democratic staffer, working for senator joe biden. the summer of 2008, biden is picked, they win. i am congratulating my friend the next day. that was the first time the idea was put to me about coming in. at the time i thought perhaps it would be kind of exciting and maybe something in the foreign-policy arena, but it quickly became an opportunity to be the vice president's communications director, which was obviously a huge change for me. but a fantastic opportunity and a great, great decision in part because i woke up every morning for probably six months wondering if i knew what i was doing, was cut out for the job. i think what you think as a reporter cover
. >> i do, too. hillary clinton, oprah winfrey, beyonce, j.k. rowling, they have all first-born in their families. first-born girls are more likely to succeed than first-born boys. by the way, i'm a first-born girl. for the record. the study, they found first-born women are 13% more ambitious than first-born boys and one possible reason, parents simply devote more time and energy to their daughters. and adam and i were talking, i said you think so? i remember my whole childhood, my mother stressing to me, you know, be independent. be your own woman. she always had a phrase, you can do bad by yourself. meaning why go and marry someone who's going to pull you down when you can pull yourself up. you don't need someone to determine your future. i think a lot of moms do that with their daughters. >> and dads. >> absolutely, and dads. >> i believe that's true. i would just say one thing. how do you define success? i mean, the study talks about hillary clinton and beyonce. but i think if you're a schoolteacher, a cop, or a small businessman, i think you've succeeded. >> i measure
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comments about immigration and immigrants. as for hillary clinton, and i spoke with congressman bruce brayley about her, and he did not go so far to say that he would support her if she got in, and he said that first she has to decide to run. >> and for the first time this weekend, she was interview and opening up publicly about the fai faith. >> well, in the last couple of weeks she has been talking more personally, and offering a window into the decision-making process of whether she wants to run in 2016, and people who say that they know whether or not she is going to run doesn't know the truth. at the end of the day, it is clear that she is thinking about it. i remember a month ago, one of the clinton advisers said that she may believe that she has a decision, by the train may be far away where the the station. >> and what about elizabeth warren, because she said that she is not running, but she is having a big impact on the 2016 race. >> yes, and you can see the difference of elizabeth warren and the hillary clinton in the whole way they approach things. elizabeth warren's book w
.s. policies in the region. tamara cofman wittes served under secretary of state clinton, deputy assistant secretary of state for near east where she was central to organizing the u.s. government's response to the arab spring. she is the author of the freedoms unsteady march, america's role in building arab democracy, and editor of how israelis and palestinians negotiate a cross-cultural analysis of the peace process. robert sattler is the executive director of the washington institute and also holds -- robert stout off, the berkowitz chair in u.s. middle east policy. an expert on arab and islamic politics, as well as u.s. middle east policy. he has written and spoken widely on the arab-israeli peace process, the challenge of political islam and the need to revamp u.s. public diplomacy in the middle east. he is the author and editor of numerous books, including the battle of ideas in the war on terrorists, essays on u.s. public diplomacy in the middle east. elliott abrams, senior fellow for middle asian studies at the council on foreign relations, served in the george w. bush white house i
-- are not affecting president clinton's behavior enough. last week the redline was demobilizing the troops that are on the border that aren't are intimidating people inside the eastern ukraine. now it is just him not going in. advocating, as many people have, carl levin was there a day after me, a democrat, as you know, was also advocating that we begin hitting a breeze within russia to further destabilize the economy. their goal, russia's goal, inside the ukraine, is to destabilize the country and delegitimize elections that taking place on may 25. over time, he can achieve his goals without actually sending troops in. he has little green men, black , fomenting inside ukraine. people are not yet with putin. it is amazing. the only information that people are getting is from russia. it is only russian speaking news that is occurring. over time, continuing to do it is doing, he can do without actually sending people in. again, i think we need to put sectoral sanctions in place. i think we need to move those troops away from the border am a change behavior, and i am very concerned that as we
from "the new york times." i want to play a bit of sound of bill clinton in detroit over the weekend talking to michigan democrats about the constraints and difficulties of being a former president. take a listen. >> one of the sad things at the end of the course, since you don't have any power, nobody cares what you say. except if your wife might run for something, then you got to avoid messing up too bad. >> if your wife might run for something -- chris and kate, back to you. >> that is not your best clinton impression. >> no. not at all. >> you have a better one. >> if your wife -- >> there you go. there you go. thanks, guys. >>> up ccoming up next on "new " tornadoes slam america's heartland. we've been talking about it all morning and it comes with deadly consequences. coming up, we're going to a local hospital for an update on the injured. >>> and we show there's so many questions for the search for flight 370. we actually have some answers. one of the experts is going to explain what is going to be in that upcoming report we've been talking about. stay with us. if you have mod
dark secret, hillary clinton 2016. what does wall street think about a potential hillary clinton presidency? >> you know, this was a real surprise that maggie haberman and ben white turned up as they talked to a couple dozen people that work around or in wall street. in the financial services world they said their first choice would be jeb bush. their second choice would be chris christie. but what if neither of them is available in 2016, these republicans say they would be perfectly happy to have hillary clinton. they say that they see her as approachable. they have a track record with her. she was the new york senator for eight years. so the number of wall street people were advisers to her. she worked making money for the clinton foundation. and she's been out on the circuit among the many places -- >> i smell a rat. i smell a rat. >> okay. >> these republicans, they want to say that because it will then ultimately hurt hillary. won't it? right? >> listen, you hear this not just on wall street. you talk to republicans around the country who are disappointed in governor christi
had thousands of nuclear weapons on their territory. one of the great achievements of the clinton administration was to get ukraine and other countries to give up their nuclear weapons. countries like russia, the united states, the uk would sign onto a compact guaranteeing their sovereignty and territorial integrity. russia signed that, it's grossly violated that. what message does that send to countries where we're trying to gi get them to give up -- >> is there any military cost ex acted by the united states or nato if putin moves forward? >> we're trying to de-escalate this crisis, not escalate. we don't see a military confrontation but we see increasing support for ukraine. we have a program that will get $37 billion or $38 billion to ukraine. >> on the middle east and the peace process unraveling. does the president decide to pull secretary kerry and get him out of the peace making business in the middle east or stf possible that the united states in the absence of negotiating partners advances its own peace plan, puts it on the table, and says get to work? >> thanks to secre
has repeatedly insisted that she will not run for president and added that she hopes hillary clinton goes for it. >> all of the women -- democratic women i should say of the senate urged hillary clinton to run. i hope she does. >> you hope she does and if she does, she is your candidate? >> hillary is terrific. >>> as the maine republican convention this weekend senator rand paul won the party's 2016 straw pole with 176 votes. senator ted cruz, wisconsin governor scott walker, dr. ben carson and new jersey governor chris christie. sarah palin hit the campaign trail for iowa senator irks. >> she's not one that's going to be told sit down and shut up and sit in the back corn they were and let the good old boys do what they're talking about. watch out, washington. jonie ertz is a mama grizzly. she will take a stand against the russian bear. >> like only sarah palin can say. >>> and a personal moment from president obama during a town hall with students at the university of malaysia at kuala lumpur. he was asked about what he regrets. >> i regret not having spent more time with my mother
of a grand child is a joyous occasion. put politics aside and offer the clinton family a heartfelt congratulations for such a shrewd political move. >> maybe this was planned. >> yes. >> maybe this was planned. we all know, only the most devious people would ever plan. >> did you see i was on colbert? >> you're fame out, but i guess he was kind of making fun of you. >> well, he knows talent when he sees it, right? >> i see, that's what it is. >> but he also thought you were a little out there. >> all right. let me get back at him here. i did not say that that is what i thought. i was reporting on what other people were saying. that's what we do in news. >> are you suggesting that this very talented stephen colbert, soon to be the next david letterman, was taking you out of context? >> i think so, and do i work for fox news, and does he do that to fox news all the time? yes. >> you're saying he had an agenda. >> oh, i think so. he admitted to you in a "washington post" article that he's a democrat. >> but he made it sound like you were joining the chelsea clinton birther movement an
come back, hillary clinton and jeb bush continue to fan speculation we may be headed for another bush-clinton matchup. our panel comes back to read the tea leaves. >>> plus, what would you like to ask the panel about the presidential race? just go to facebook or twitter and fox news sunday. we may use your question on the air. true business-grade internet comes with secure wifi for your business. it also comes with public wifi for your customers. not so with internet from the phone company. i would email the phone company to inquire as to why they have shortchanged these customers. but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. >> the security in ben gauze yu and the loss of two state department personnel and two cia contractors from the terrorist attack and the terrible consequences of that. it's very, very painful, and it was certainly the biggest regret that i had as secretary of state. >> hillary clinton this week making a rare reference to the benghazi terrorist attack, and we're back now with the
and elevating themselves against this allegedly racist white america down below. >> i heard a clinton administration official once say it's not our fault which we call you reyesist and there may not be truth to it. it's your fault if you get angry and react against it because that clearly shows you have guilt. >> they're not only sanctimonious people, they are amazingly insightful practicing psychiatrists as well. >> and deeply -- >> i'm very impressed by it all. let me turn to the issue of illegal immigration in which there seems to be more than enough guilt to spread around after ten years after nothing happening. where are we headed on this issue as we hear john boehner now say he's reversed himself nine separate times by our count in the past year. and now where are we with illegal immigration? is the speaker going to push the gang of eight bull for amnesty? >> it depends on whether he's more for the establishment or the grassroots. clearly the establishment republicans want amnesty. if they can just put the did sh. >> they've got so much empirical evidence. one would understand w
that those at least that american animated bill clinton does it feature a quick ski team. notice the sentiment onto it doesn't sound like it's continue trying to do with it. really this is the adult animation at its finest plant this pumpkin plant in the right to meet him into a black emperor writes and directs and animate gleefully surreal tales that make us feel like we're being allowed into the imagination of an extremely imaginative individual and this movie is unabashedly sexy in the sense that you know makes the world go round and i really like the french title some will speak with the electrical of reason that would be in the sense of passion so strong it's like putting your finger and lights out. i don't in this demo there is a subtle storytelling. i love that you can sound effects literally could not be better than this the musical score by nico quinoa which is absolutely and it's the story of which is a lack of weeks. she and sparks. immediately i did get married. he's working at the gas station and they are deliriously happy. but they loved it so intense that when a m
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